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Help give Iggy his vet care!

Please note the minimum donation amount is $5.

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The animals still need your help, even though times are tough.

We are asking you to help us with some unexpected vet care costs. On occasion, shelter vets do not discover all aspects of a dog's condition, or the shelter report we receive does not include them. We need your help now because this is one of those occasions.

It's no surprise that, just like everyone else, our organization was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are slowly making progress in rebuilding operations and staff, but it will take some time and continued help from our supporters.

You know, of course, that we don't pay any salaries, benefits or perks – Scooter's Pals is completely volunteer. So every dollar you give will go to provide medical care for these dogs. And if we end up with a surplus (wouldn't that be great?), we put it aside for future vet care needs.

If you can spare some funds, if you'd like to contribute and help us give our rescued dogs the care they deserve, now is the time!

Give a little or give a lot. Just please give from your heart!